About Us

Charles W. Hewitt, Ph.D., CEO,

Dr. Hewitt is a co-founder of ImmunO4 and is serving as the CEO of ImmunO4. He has over 30 years of executive management experience in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care arenas. Dr. Hewitt possesses an educational background In Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology and Pathology. Dr. Hewitt was Chief Executive Officer for BioFX and co-founded BioFX. Dr. Hewitt also served as Professor of Surgery and Director for the Division of Surgical Research the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Camden, New Jersey.

Dr. Hewitt co-headed a team that made medical history: the first experiments to successfully transplant limbs with cyclosporine; co-founded the field of vascularized stem cell transplantation; and the first to induce clinical tolerance by transplanting skin grafts onto burn patients using cyclosporine. He is author of numerous patents, journal publications, and books. He was inventor on the first patents on novel topical immunosuppressants. He also wrote the first patent on using 3-D microscopy to diagnose cancer in cytopathology specimens. As a distinguished alumnus, he was recently appointed as a member to the National Development Council (the University President’s advisory committee) at California State Polytechnic University. He is a former member on the Editorial Boards of the Journals “Transplantation” and “Journal of Burn Care and Research”.

Tom Woerner, President and Chief Scientific Officer

Prior to co-founding BioFX, Mr. Woerner served as Senior Scientist at KPL, where he was responsible for development of new colorimetric detection systems. Over forty years he has accumulated vast expertise in clinical and colorimetric substrate chemistry and has developed a number of patented products. He was responsible for the invention of unique substrate products that not only enhanced detection but also met customers' needs for alternative chemistry. Two of Mr. Woerner's products had sufficient impact on the biotech industry that they were featured on the front pages of leading trade journals. Mr. Woerner's earlier professional experience included managing clinical quality control and production at Sigma Chemical.

Heidi Lynn Woerner, Director, Operations

Ms. Woerner is serving as ImmunO4's Director of Operations. Previously, Ms. Woerner served as Production Manager of Surmodics and BioFX Laboratories. She has extensive experience in manufacturing, quality control, customer service, OEM accounts, purchasing, and documentation control. Ms. Woerner was most recently employed by Surmodics. Formerly she was employed by BioFX Laboratories. In both cases she served as production manager and was responsible for manufacturing substrates, immunoreagents, blocks and diluents, and additional products for the diagnostic and research markets. She also served as quality assurance manager. Ms. Woerner is a co-inventor on U.S. Patents 7,381,797 and 7,563,566 - Stabilization of H2O2 under alkaline conditions for use in luminescence, fluorescence and colorimetric assays for enhanced detection of peroxidase type assays.

Shaun Anthony Smith, Director of Research

Shaun Smith is a research scientist with significant experience involved in product development and analysis. He serves as ImmunO4's Director of Research. Most recently he worked at Surmodics and BioFX as a research scientist where his responsibilities included new product development. Mr. Smith developed a number of innovations and new products for colorimetric and chemiluminescent detection.

Sean Boyd, Vice President of Business Development

Sean Boyd is serving as ImmunO4's Vice President of Business Development. Sean has over 20 years experience in building biotech businesses. Sean was formerly a Division President and Executive Vice President at Strategic Diagnostics (SDIX), an antibody and assay company. His responsibilities there included leading a products and services business that included food, agricultural and environmental quality assays as well as broad-spectrum antibody products and services. Sean launched 15 assays and hundreds of antibody products. He led the acquisition and integration of novel technologies adding tens of millions to corporate revenues. His development of business teams created rapid and sustained growth in the Pharma and Diagnostic markets.

Prior to joining SDI in 1999, Sean spent several years as a VP at HTI, a startup antibody company that grew to a leading antibody development and production company in San Diego. Sean also had GM responsibilities at Flow Cell Diagnostics in the early 1990’s. He transitioned FCD from a Vet lab, with the acquisition of California Veterinary Diagnostics, to a reference GLP diagnostics laboratory for preclinical studies with facilities in multiple states.

Sean is a founding board member and treasurer of the Delaware charter school, First State Montessori where he has secured over $3M in annual funding from the state and foundations.